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Stronger EUR/USD for new year 2015

USD ends 2014 with a gain of more than 12% against a basket of major currencies. It was the biggest gain of the dollar since 2005. strengthen expectations that the ECB will ease monetary policy more aggressively, some economists predict EUR can slide parity with the dollar by the end of 2015. Forecasts kundërt.Skenari have a direction based on the market is that the ECB will move to quantitative easing next year by buying government bonds. Moreover, the US economy is widely expected to grow strongly in 2015, prompting the Federal Reserve to start rritjen.Kontrasti between the way the US Federal Reserve’s to the increase in interest rates next year and stimulative monetary policy in the euro area were support key factor in EUR / USD decline in 2014. all of these factors are already priced in EUR / USD rate in our opinion divergence in monetary policy will play an important role yet in the first quarter 2015, but then the EUR has likely to appreciate against the US dollar and other major currencies. We should note that a slowdown in China’s economy could hurt US economic recovery and weigh in USD. Moreover, further gains strong dollar may help dissuade the Fed from raising rates. On the other hand, EUR will remain completely strong, helped by surplus euro zone’s current account and recover ekonomisë.EUR likely to be stronger against the “safe-haven”: JPY and expand Japan franga.Banka recently its program to stimulate the domestic economy, while the Swiss National Bank has promised to three years to cap the franc at 1.20 per EUR. Earlier this month, the SNB also said it would start charging banks for deposits in CHF, hoping to ease upward pressure on the currency. In our opinion EUR can appreciate versus the GBP next year as Britain’s economy is losing momentum and faces her election in decades parliamentary uncertain in May.

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